Reefer pickup for sale

When your shipments include perishable items, you need a reefer that keeps cargo at the right temperature, no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • Long cool and faster with CARRYBOY Sandwich panel.
  • Lighter with Sandwich panel (Polyurethane foam)
  • No rust because the cabinet is not welded.
  • Be confident that the water will not leak
    because the cabinet has no fixed drilling.
  • Korean brand name refrigeration
  • Cooling -20℃ within 90 minutes.
    Depending on the weather outside
  • Branding your products on a fiberglass panel.
  • Reliable service with agents in every region
    and onsite service team.
Fiberglass panel with not chemical residue free from toxic additives does not cause contamination during freight of food, vegetables, fruits or beverages. Safe for every load.
A refrigerated pickup truck from CARRYBOY helps you deliver temperature-sensitive goods, safely.
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The Body Gallery Option Customized Cool -20℃ Half Refrigerator
Thickness 1.2 mm.
Waterproof Plywood 4.0 mm.
Thickness 1.0 mm.
The padding material is polyurethane foam that has super temperature preservation ability with enhanced durability, stiffness, and thickness increase. Lightweight and cost-saving.
Model Exterior (mm.) Interior (mm.)
Length Height Width Length Height Width
COOL 1900 2,420 2,175 1,800 2,220 1,900 1,600
COOL 1800 2,420 2,075 1,800 2,220 1,800 1,600
COOL 1600 2,420 1,875 1,800 2,220 1,600 1,600
COOL 1450 2,420 1,725 1,800 2,220 1,450 1,600
*** The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
Reefer pickup truck is used to transport the frozen or fresh goods, usually used for transporting frozen foods ( freezer pickup truck ), dairy ( milk pickup truck ), vegetables and fruits ( fresh goods transport vehicle ), vaccine and drug ( vaccine vehicles ), grocery stores, florists, delicatessens etc.


CB-250 New!!
Cooling -20℃ within 90 minutes. Depending on the weather outside.
Can Refrigeration -5℃ Depending on the weather outside.
Can Refrigeration 10℃ Depending on the weather outside.

Options / Skirt

Fiberglass Side Skirt

Steel Side Skirt

Side Storage Box


AL. Checker Plate
Corrugated Stainless Sheet


Wall Panel Fiber
Wall Panel Stainless

Leaf Spring Kit

Suspension kits for heavy loads

A Cool Box -20℃ also known as a refrigerated pick-up or freezer vehicle are designed to keep perishable loads at a specific temperature. Additional services available, including refurbishing, financing, insurance and warranties on select reefer pickup.
Cool Box ( ) TH
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