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Our Refrigerated Truck Bodies are Designed with Cold in Mind. Multi-Stop, Multi-Temp Refrigerated Distribution Performance. The Cool Box is a smart choice for transporting a fresh freight of products.
A refrigerated pickup truck from CARRYBOY helps you deliver temperature-sensitive goods, safely.
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The Body Gallery Option Customized Cool -20℃ Half Refrigerator

Hino 300 (716)

Hino 300 (816) Export

The refrigerated truck or reefer truck for short, is a crucial commercial vehicle that is well-suited for a variety
of heat-sensitive transportation vocations. Floral, agriculture, food and beverage delivery, and pharmaceutical
businesses rely on the protective nature of the refrigerated truck.

Isuzu Reward NM

Isuzu Reward NL

Whether you’re an established owner seeking to pad their reefer fleet, or a green self-starter in the cold chain
industry, the refrigerated truck, in both cargo van and box truck forms, is going to far exceed your expectations
in all regards for refrigerated transport.

Refrigerated Lorry

Refrigerated truck move and deliver
temperature controlled goods all across
the country.
We work with refrigerated lorries mainly
designed for the transport of perishable
goods. The Cool Box make the most
versatile food service and produce delivery
bodies and food transport in the industry.
Cool Box — Reefer Truck is a kind of box which can load the cargoes which need to keep cold and fresh.


Beverage Transport

 — The perfect interior and exterior design for your application and objectives.
All the result of Coolbox’s longtime knowledge and experience.

Focused on Fresh

Cool Box for transport and protect meat, seafood, produce, dairy, ice cream, ice, milk, eggs, fats, fruits, vegetables, cereal & grains, beer, beverages, wine & spirits and other types of cargo.

Cool Box has the best refrigerated box trucks, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated lorry and reefer trucks for sale!
Cool Box ( ) TH
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