Carryboy Eco Box has a one-piece fiberglass bodies are so strong and designed for improved durability with greater resistance to scratches and dents, suitable for freight transport, courier express, delivery services, shipping, warehousing and logistics.


The Eco Box makes for a beautiful, fuel efficient and quiet vehicle that is also tough, functional and versatile.

The perfect surface for company logos and eye grabbing graphics.

Suitable for many applications.
Eco Box — Dry Freight
FRP Scoop
Seamless Flooring
Aluminum Rear Step
Stainless Steel Door Lock
Standard Interior Lamp
The ecobox bodies are constructed of a one piece molded fiberglass outer shell. What this means is there are no seams to separate and leak; no rust and dent; no paint to scratch and peel. Ecobox bodies have an uninterrupted, smooth and glossy gel coat exterior.
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All the information you need on the Eco Box’s interior and exterior.

Dry Freight — Option

Eco Box provides several support options to fit your requirements.
Make a Space in FRP Scoop
Aluminium Checkered Plate
Aluminium Checkered Plate (Black)
Aluminium Extrusion Plate
Extruded Aluminum Corrugated
Stainless Steel Corrugated Panel
Stainless Steel Plate
Solid Hardwood Floors
Fiberglass Flooring Plate
Zinc Plate
Response to all transports and loading with perfect design that fits to your business. We design to load more with less transportation, and get more profits.
* Carryboy Cargo Box. reserves the right to change or modify the amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
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*** The descriptions and illustrations show here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.
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